Any request for translation will be subject to a quote, which shall include notably the number of words or pages to be translated, the language pair, the price and the date of delivery of the translation. The translation or proofreading work begins after the acceptance of the quote by the customer.


The translation price depends on the volume, degree of complexity, layout or format as well as on the requested timeline. My translation quotes are calculated according to the number of words of the source document (word count in Microsoft Word) or, in some cases, according to the number of standard lines or pages.

A very urgent project may be subject to additional fees.


The other services (proofreading, summary translations, research) are billed by the hour.


For further information, please contact me by e-mail or by phone. To request a free and non-binding quote, please send the document to be translated as well as information concerning the timeline and any other relevant document which may be necessary (for example, company-specific terminology).